Brave Tops App Store’s Productivity Section Following Leo’s Debut

Braves Climbs to Top in App Store’s Productivity Section Following Leo’s Debut

Brave has jumped to claim the top spot in App Store productivity apps rankings after bringing its AI assistant, Leo, to iPhones and iPads. On top of that, the debut also comes with support for a voice-to-text feature.

Brave shared the update on X, saying, “The App Store lists Brave as a top productivity app! Guess they noticed we just released our time-saving AI assistant Leo on iOS.” Per the shared screenshot, it’s closely followed by similar apps ranked like DocuSign and Cozi Family Organizer.

The browser made Leo accessible for iOS and iPadOS users last weekend, and it packs quite a bunch of productivity features, like the ability to summarize PDFs, which come in handy especially when you’re buried in paperwork or need to overview a document quickly.

Further, you can use the AI-powered Leo assistant to generate content, translate pages, and write code across supported languages. In addition, it introduced voice-to-text support exclusively on iOS to speak and let the AI handle the searching part.

It announced that Brave browser puts three language models into work, including Mixtral 8x7B, Claude Instant, and Llama 2 13B. Mixtral, notably, serves as the default language model (LLM), exhibiting proficiency in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

According to Brave, when you talk or ask for something, your IP address and chats with Leo won’t be linked to you (such as your IP address). In addition, it doesn’t keep any of your personal info, as detailed in a FAQ section of the company.

Brave also has a paid Leo Premium plan, priced at $14.99 monthly, that unlocks access to various LLM options beyond Mixtral 8x7B across supported platforms. Brave Leo for iOS is now available to all iPhone and iPad users upon updating to version 1.63. Consequently, you can also access Leo on desktop platforms such as macOS, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS.


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