Brydge Announces iPad Pro Keyboard With Trackpad

Brydge announced the Pro+ keyboard today for the iPad Pro. It’s different than previous products because this one has a trackpad built in.

Brydge Pro+

Apple added mouse support to iPadOS 13 as an accessibility feature using Assistive Touch. A variety of Bluetooth mice are supported, but so far no one has made a trackpad. There was a company that made a similar trackpad keyboard, but Brydge sued them, saying the other company violated its patent.

Brydge pro+ keyboard

Brydge Pro+ is made for the iPad Pro 11-inch and iPad Pro 12.9-inch, connecting via Bluetooth 4.1. It has three months of battery life and backlit keys. Brydge also sells a standalone trackpad if you don’t want to get a new keyboard.

The 11-inch keyboard costs US$199.99 and the 12.9-inch keyboard costs US$229.99. The price of the standalone trackpad isn’t listed. You can register on Brydge’s website to get an alert when pre-ordering starts for these products.

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