You Can Get a Gift Card When You Recycle Apple Watches

Apple updated its Renew and Recycling program for the Apple Watch, and you can get a gift card when you recycle Apple Watches. The gift card amount is based on the model; newer models are worth more than older models. Apple is partnering with Brightstar for the program.

Recycle Apple Watches, Get a Gift Card

The recycling program has already been available for Apple Watches, but receiving a gift card is something new. You can put a gift card towards new Apple products bought through the Apple store, either online or in person at a retail store.

You can recycle Apple Watches from Series 0, Series 1, and Series 2. Depending on the model, you can receive anywhere from US$50 to US$175. The highest payout, US$175, is for a 42mm stainless steel Apple Watch Series 2 in great working condition.

Choose your model to recycle Apple Watches.

To achieve the ‘working condition’ requirement, your device needs to meet the following:

  • Powers on
  • Enclosure in good condition
  • No obvious signs of water damage
  • Display in good condition
  • Operational buttons

Normal wear-and-tear, such as light scratches or other marks is acceptable. If the watch is heavily damaged or otherwise non-operational, Apple will still recycle it, but you won’t get a gift card.


To prepare your Apple Watch for recycling, make sure all data has been wiped and the battery is fully charged.

Select the condition to recycle Apple Watches.

  • To wipe the data from your iPhone, open the Watch app. Go to General > Reset > Erase Apple Watch Content and Settings.
  • To wipe the data from your Apple Watch, you can also go to General > Reset > Erase all Content and Settings.

Make sure to unpair the Apple Watch from your iPhone. This removes Activation Lock, and lets someone else use the device.

Once you select your model on Brightstar’s page, you can use your own shipping, or opt to receive a free box in the mail. It sounds like you don’t need to include your charging cable or watch bands.

3 thoughts on “You Can Get a Gift Card When You Recycle Apple Watches

  • Today is my birthday and my wife took me to the Apple Store to get a new Apple Watch. They asked about recycling my watch, but it has a crack in the crystal and wasn’t eligible for the gift card. I am debating on getting it replaced for $80 via AppleCare or just keep it as is; the plan is to wear this series 1 watch while doing chores that may damage it.

    Anyway, I have a new series 3 silver aluminum Apple Watch.

    Side note: Starting this week Apple is donating $1 per ApplePay transaction towards AIDS research. Also some Apple Stores will have red logos.

      1. If I don’t keep it then I will probably gift it to a friend who could use it, but can’t afford even a used one.

        Tip that I learned the hard way. When doing something that might scratch the watch wearing a terrycloth wrist band over the watch will give it quite a bit of protection.

        Speaking of scratches it seems to me that the aluminum watches are more scratch resistant than the stainless steel ones.

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