Carpool Karaoke Dominated UK YouTube in 2018

Paul McCartney Carpool Karaoke

LONDON – YouTube revealed its top trending videos of 2018 on Thursday. While Kylie Jenner’s ‘To Our Daughter’ was the top trending video globally, Carpool Karaoke ruled the UK. The episode with Sir Paul McCartney was the most watched video in the country (via DigitalSpy). YouTube also released its 2018 rewind clip which received a lot of criticism, largely due to the absence of key starts like PewDePie and Logan Paul.

Carpool Karaoke Dominated in the UK

YouTube announced that Kylie Jenner’s ‘To Our Daughter’ was the top trending video globally in 2018. Released in February, the 11-minute film featured the reality TV starting discussing her pregnancy and the birth of her daughter, Stormi. It was viewed over 53 million times.

In the UK, Carpool Karaoke dominated. The episode of the show that featured Sir Paul McCartney singing with host James Corden amassed 36 million views. The segment’s ongoing popularity explains why Apple renewed it for a second series back in February.

Rewind Community Backlash

Users were less keen on the YouTube Rewind 2018 video.  The YouTube community is not known for keeping its opinions to itself, and comments on the video were typically critical. Commentators expressed anger at the absence of stars like PewDePie, Logan Paul, and Shane Dawson, each of whom has been embroiled in some kind of controversy.

So unhappy were users, that the video quickly became the platform’s second most disliked video ever. It had amassed 7.2 million dislikes at the time of this writing. 6.8 million of those dislikes came in just over 3 days. The most disliked video is Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’. Over 8 years it has amassed nearly 10 million dislikes. (via BBC News).

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