CES 2020: Tivo Apple TV App ‘On Hold’

TiVo on Apple TV

Speaking at CES 2020, Tivo’s vice president of consumer products and services Ted Malone described the company’s Roku and Apple TV apps as “in limbo.” However, the firm later clarified and said that the products are actually “on hold” (via TechHive).

TiVo on Apple TV

Tivo Apple TV and Roku Apps Not Imminent

During an interview at CES in Las Vegas, Mr. Malone said:

My bet is we’ll get Android, and because of that we’ll get the Fire TV, because it’s the same app, just different qualifications. I think Roku and Apple are in limbo.

However, following that, Tivo put out a statement to clarify the situation. It did not make it better for users who want to access Apple TV. The statement said:

During the second half of this year, we re-prioritized several projects in order to focus on the launch of TiVo Stream 4K. Because of this, the streamer clients were put on hold. We are looking at moving forward with the Android streamer client in order to provide compatibility between Stream and Linux based DVR’s. Apple TV and Roku clients are currently on hold.”

Furthermore, the ability to stream live and recorded video from TiVo to other streaming players is not on the way any time soon either. However, the company did launch TiVo Stream 4Kmedia player this week.

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