CES 2022: MOFT Announces Laptop Stands, Desk Mat, Snap Sets

MOFT macbook stand

Known for iPhone accessories, MOFT is expanding its product line with desktop tools, as well as gear for iPhone 13 and iPad mini 6th-gen.

Cooling Laptop Stands

For extended use of Macbooks, a new stand uses an innovative graphene-mano-carbon-copper composite that cools down laptops by reducing heat across the surface by 5-10°C. For PCs, the open design of the Airflow stand functions with extraordinary heat dissipation for laptops that have underside vents. These two new designs follow the success of the original award-winning MOFT Invisible Laptop Stand which launched in 2019 on Kickstarter, since the #1 most backed laptop stand ever on the platform. Available March 2022 on moft.us.

Smart Desk Mat

The Smart Desk Mat keeps frequently used devices such as laptops, phones, and tablets, and non-digital visual aids, such as memos and inspiration boards, tidy and accessible. It has an angle-adjustable inclined surface and modular magnetic accessories that allow work tools to be lifted and organized. The built-in stand has 3 angles that act as laptop and tablet stands while magnetic accessories allow them to be propped up simultaneously at the same viewing angle for a multi-screen workstation. Two embedded NFC hotspots can be customized. Available soon on moft.us.

Snap iPad Case & Stand

The Snap Tablet Stand mini attaches flat to the Snap Case and folds out to offer 6 viewing angles offering a more flexible and convenient iPad experience for work and leisure tasks. For users pursuing next-level productivity or in need of a second screen for, MOFT will also launch a mini version of its signature iPad Float to use with the Snap Tablet Case. Its double-hinge structure and solid base fold out into a sturdy stand with 130° screen rotation and raises the iPad mini screen to a height of up to 3.15” for workstation setups. Products will launch on January 17 on moft.us.

MOFT Smart Desk Mat
MOFT Smart Desk Mat

Snap Set for iPhone 13

The MagSafe compatible phone case features enhanced magnetic strength for MagSafe compatible accessories to attach more securely. The Snap-on Phone Stand and Wallet has upgraded magnets, is thinner, and has polished edges. When used with the Snap Case, it has double the attachment strength. The optimized magnetic bond with the Snap Case further supports the versatility of the three-angle stand for more stable hands-free viewing in portrait, landscape, and floating modes. Available now on moft.us.

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