CES 2022: WHOOSH! Announces Eco-Friendly Screen Cleaner

whoosh eco-friendly screen cleaner

WHOOSH! announced a line of eco-friendly screen cleaner and protectors to keep your devices hygienic. They have reusable bottles with a concentrate of the WHOOSH! proprietary formula. Users simply add water and it’s ready to clean even the most disgusting TV and computer screens, gaming consoles and controllers.

Once the bottle is empty, the cartridge of concentrate can be replaced and the same bottle, refilled with water. Each bottle features a lock top for spill/leak proof protection. The reusable bottles come in 1oz, 3oz and 16oz sizes.

Eco-Friendly Screen Cleaner

The new line of reusable bottles and cartridges diversifies WHOOSH’s full line of cleaning products for screens and electronic devices including Screen Shine, a powerful cleaner specifically designed to clean, polish, and protect smartphone screens and electronic devices; and Sanitech, an EPA and Health Canada regulated formula that provides defense against the spread of germs, bacteria and viruses on high touch devices and surfaces. Sanitech helps to eliminate infectious organisms in viruses and bacteria while reducing the growth of microorganisms on a treated surface by 99.99%.

WHOOSH! CEO Julius Kirschner:

We strive to develop cleaning solutions for consumer electronics that are both effective and safe for families and the environment. Our new dispensing system for both the screen cleaner and Sanitech products will reduce plastic waste by keeping bottles out of landfills and providing customers an eco-friendlier option of clean.

The new WHOOSH! refillable bottles and cartridges will be available in January 2022 to consumers.

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