Cheaper 4G ‘iPhone 12’ Could Launch in February 2021

The new range of iPhone SE devices

It has generally been assumed that the ‘iPhone 12’ will be unveiled in September and will be a 5G device. However, some analysts think that early in 2021 a cheaper, 4G, version could be made available. Wedbush Securities analysts Daniel Ives, Strecker Backe, and Ahmad Khalil made the prediction in a new note.

Releases in Fall and February

The analysts think that come the fall there will be multiple versions of the 5G iPhone 12 released, with a cheaper 4G version appearing in February 2021. Speaking to Business Insider Mr. Ives said:

Price points will be aggressive as Apple goes after their broader customer base. Especially in a recession, in a COVID-19 backdrop, they need to make sure they’re hitting all price categories.

iPhone 12 or SE?

There may well be something in this. I’ll be interested to see whether or not the cheaper model gets the iPhone SE branding, instead of being part of the 12 family. My guess is that it will. After all, the latest SE has some Phone 11 components in it.

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