Steve Wozniak Celebrates Birthday in Very Woz Style

Steve Wozniak turned 70 on Tuesday. The Apple co-founder celebrated the milestone in typical Woz fashion – making a joke about the hexadecimal numbering system! More significantly, his wife has launched a major fundraising effort.

Wozniak Family Raising Money to Celebrate Birthday

Mr. Wozniak tweeted, saying that it was his “46th birthday” because “all my Apple development work was done in the hexadecimal numbering system!”

As part of the celebrations, his wife Janet is running a fundraising effort for the Jewel’s Inspiring Children Foundation. The streamed event will feature a number of big names including Andrea Bocelli, Carlos Santana, Chris Rock, Nancy Pelosi, and Shaquille O’Neil, amongst others. There is also an 11-day scavenger hunt, designed to lighten the mood and raise money.

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