Check It Out: Our Ten Favorite Animoji Karaoke Videos

One of the most popular features of the iPhone X is animojis. With Face ID you can create an animated emoji that you control with your face and voice. People have started creating karaoke videos with animoji. Here are our favorite animoji karaoke videos.

1. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

2. TNT by AC/DC

3. Love Shack by The B-52s

4. All Star by Smash Mouth

5. Barbie Girl by Aqua

6. Thunder by Imagine Dragons

7. Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz

8. Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars

9. Happy by Pharrell Williams

10. Animojis in Movies

Animoji karaoke is the best marketing for the iPhone X that Apple could ask for. We’ll probably see more creative uses for them in the future.

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