Checkm8 iPhone Exploit Developer Explains Why It Matters

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There has been much talk since the Checkm8 exploit was revealed.  In an interview, its developer, known as axi0mX, confirmed some details – including that it requires physical access to an iPhone to work.

Checkm8 Can Get Around Apple Bootroom Protection

Ars Technica spoke to axi0mX. The developer said that Checkm8 “can get around the protection that Apple built into the bootrom of most recent iPhones and iPads.” They added that “it can compromise it so that you can execute any code at the bootrom level that you want.” Furthermore,  axi0mX explained:

You have to be in DFU mode when you boot, and then you have to connect a cable to your phone, and then you have to run the exploit in order to jailbreak your phone. At that point you can do whatever you want. But in no case will that be the case if you… just boot normally. In that sense, it is not persistent.

Checkm8 works on devices from the iPhone 4s to the iPhone X. The developer also explained that Apple made changes to new chipsets “to make [them] not exploitable.”  axi0mX further explained that they couldn’t  “say it’s impossible” that Checkm8 could be chained together with other exploits to attack new iPhones. “It’s always possible. I think it’s unlikely,” they said.

Make Jailbreaking More Accessible

They added that there are lots of benefits to this exploit. “You don’t have to stay on an older version that has security vulnerabilities just so you can jailbreak,” axi0mX said. “You won’t have to wait until a jailbreak is available. This is going to make jailbreaking a lot more accessible and a lot safer for everyone,” they added.

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