Apple Security Engineer Cher Scarlett Explains the #AppleToo Movement

appletoo protest sign

Cher Scarlett, a security engineer for Apple, has become the face of the #AppleToo movement. It’s a group of employees sharing their stories of harassment, bullying, and discrimination at Apple. She recently explained the movement with Protocol.


In June, Ms. Scarlett faces requests from Apple employees asking for help with personal workplace accommodations for remote work. She told them to file their reports with human resources, but their requests weren’t granted. Frustrated, she turned to others for help, and through a private Discord group the movement was born.

I feel like the company needs to be held accountable because they’re not holding themselves accountable. People want to feel heard. And they don’t feel heard by Apple. There are some people who have been there for decades who feel like Apple leadership used to listen to them, and make them feel like they were listened to, and they feel like that is gone.

Ms. Scarlett also advises people who share their stories through #AppleToo to file formal complaints with government authorities, such as the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, the National Labor Relations Board and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

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