Coinstar Machines to Sell Bitcoin in the Future

Coinstar is planning to sell bitcoin through its machines found in places like grocery stores. It partnered with Coinme, a cryptocurrency startup.

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Coinstar Bitcoin

We’re excited to team up with Coinstar to give consumers a convenient and easy way to buy Bitcoin during the course of their daily routines. Bitcoin is now accessible at your local grocery store via Coinstar kiosks, and this offering will make it even easier for consumers to participate in this dynamic new economy.

Neil Bergquist, Coinme Cofounder and CEO

Coinstar has 20,000 machines around the world. That could make it an attractive place to turn your cash into cryptocurrency. Coinme operates a network of ATMs that dispense cryptocurrency. Right now it has ATMs in 11 states.

image of coinstar bitcoin machine

Coinstar is offering a bitcoin locator tool to see if you can find a local machine.

How to Buy Coinstar Bitcoin

  1. Go to a Coinstar kiosk and touch the option to buy bitcoin. Review and accept the transaction terms and enter your phone number.
  2. Insert U.S. cash into the acceptor, up to US$2,500.
  3. You’ll get a voucher with a bitcoin redemption code.
  4. Go to to create a Coinme account or sign in to your existing account to claim your Bitcoin.

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One thought on “Coinstar Machines to Sell Bitcoin in the Future

  • Great idea !!!! I live right next door to a Ralphs with Coinstar. As of now I have to walk a couple blocks to a bitcoin vending machine in a print shop with real-time bitcoin transaction screen so you can check current value before you sell or buy BTC thru the kiosk. Many little stores here in N Hollywood accept bit coin – including the print shop and a local Taco truck !! 💰

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