A new Apple job is open called Siri Event Maven. The idea is to help improve Siri’s “strategic awareness of cultural happenings in the collective zeitgeist.”

Apple hiring Cool Czar to keep Siri up to date on what's happening around the world

Apple thinks Siri needs its own cool assistant

Applicants need to be aware of cultural events happening all over the globe, and the job involves “scouring social media and the web” to find these happenings. You’ll also be working with the analytics team to help them identify events Apple may have missed.

The job description includes:

Do you bring “Wookie Cookies” to the office for “May The Forth Be With You”? Is your favorite holiday “∏ Day” or “Talk like a Pirate Day”? We’re looking for someone to help us keep Siri up to date on all the various events happening around the world…You must also consider yourself a maven, trend-setter or Czar of cool. Non negotiable. 🙂

Now that Apple is improving Siri in iOS 11, as well as bringing a HomePod into your living room, it’s crucial that the personal assistant becomes more hip to the current trends. Personally, I’m waiting for the day that my iPhone will say, “Guh-roovy dude!”

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Microsoft did this back in the days of the Zune. So beyond lame. Apple has lost it, somehow they have ended up being the ones with no clue or taste. Another one that smacks of Eddie Cue and his Texas-sized ego. So very, very lame.