Did Apple Just Accidentally Reveal The Date of The September iPhone 12 Launch?

CEO Tim Cook Opens the 10 Sep 19 iPhone event.

Apple tends to pretty tight-lipped when it comes to the dates of future events and the announcements that are going to be made. However, it looks like someone may have just let slip the date of an event in September, assumed to be when the iPhone 12 will be unveiled (via 9to5 Mac).

iPhone 12 Launch on September 10?

A number of people noticed the Apple YouTube channel offered the option to set a reminder for an event coming on September 10. That is, of course, around the time we could expect to hear about the iPhone 12. That reminder option has since disappeared.

I jumped onto the Apple YouTube channel to see if I could see the same thing. The only evidence remaining was a blue dot next to the Apple Channel in my list of subscriptions. That indicates a new video. However, the last video there was from two-weeks ago.

It’s not the first time something like this has happened. I noticed an Apple News+ appear on the News app in the UK shortly before the service launched in the country. Might be worth noting down September 10 in the diary then!

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