Djay Moves to Subscription Model

New djay iPhone

Popular iOS app djay has moved to a subscription model. Developer Algoriddim launched the latest version of the app on Wednesday as a free download, with a $39.99 annual/$4.99 monthly pro option. It offered existing users a signficant discount on the upgrade.

New djay iPhone
The new djay for iPhone

Making Djay Simple

For years Algoriddim has developed popular djay and vjay software for iOS devices. On Wednesday, it announced that djay had moved to a subscription model so that “our team can now focus on making the existing version the best product with every innovation going directly into the product as soon as it’s ready.” It said that previously it had operated on a longer cycle and only released a major upgrade every 2 or 3 years.

The company added that the move helped “simplify the process” of using its various products across different devices. It said it wanted to “unify the brand” too. Previously there were multiple apps across iPad and iPhone, with multiple paid-for tiers. now there is just a single version and one paid-for tier. John Gruber at Daring Fireball commented that the move to a simple subscription model for djay is “simple, fair, and clear.”

Becoming a Pro DJay

The app was made available for free, with a 7-day trial. The $39.99/$4.99 upgrade is optional to access additional features. Users now only need to subscribe once to access the pro features across all their iOS devices. Existing customers can get the pro version for $9.99 for the first year. Pro features include:

  • Unlimited access to a library of samples, loops, FX, and visuals
  • Looper & Sequencer
  • Support for over 50 MIDI controllers
  • Advanced MIDI learn system to map each control on users’ hardware individually
  • Support for Bluetooth MIDI
  • Video mixing with support for external displays
  • Single Deck preparation mode
  • Support for multi-channel audio interfaces
  • Advanced media library: playlist editing and management, smart filters, drag and drop integration via Files app and Dropbox

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