Robot Lawyer ‘DoNotPay’ Adds Tax Fraud to its Repertoire

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DoNotPay is a machine learning service that provides a variety of services like canceling free trials, appealing parking tickets, creating a burner phone number, fighting email spam, and more. The latest service the app offers is helping you report businesses for tax fraud (via The Next Web).

DoNotPay Business Tax Fraud

Here’s how it works: You open the DoNotPay app, enter the details of the business like what evidence you’ve collected, and tap Send. The IRS or HMRC will contact you for possible cash rewards. With the IRS you could be eligible for up to 30% of the total value of assets recovered by the US government.

It largely has to do with natural language processing for your emails:

For example, if you receive an email from United Airlines regarding a Wi-Fi purchase, the top action may be to pursue an in-flight Wi-Fi refund. At our software’s core, we’ve aggregated our training data with thousands of labeled emails and the respective actions users typically take (bank fee appeals, cease and desist notices, subscription cancellation, etc), and after cleaning our data set, we’ve been able to predict with 99% accuracy the most appropriate action a user can take.

The app is free to download but some services like this one require a US$3 per month subscription. With this subscription you’ll receive all of the available services as well as a @DoNotPay email address. You can use this to sign up for sketchy service forward all your other emails to it. The machine learning system will scan your emails for various opportunities.

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