eBay Competes With Gazelle to Launch an iPhone Trade In Program

eBay is launching an iPhone trade in program called Instant Selling, although it works with other smartphones too. It lets customers sell their smartphone and get paid instantly.

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Instant Selling

The entire process takes just a couple of minutes. You list your device information, add photos, and get an instant eBay voucher that you can put towards the purchase of a new phone from eBay. You’ll then receive a printable eBay shipping label to mail it in.

The company also claims it will offer a higher return than competitors like Gazelle, carrier trade-in programs, and Apple’s own Give Back program. Standard programs like this typically offer 40 to 50 percent of the average selling price, but eBay says it will offer up to 40% higher.

Eligible smartphones include unlocked, Verizon, and AT&T versions of:

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 to S9+
  • iPhone 6s 16GB to iPhone X 256GB

In November eBay will add T-Mobile, Sprint, Google Pixel, and certain LG products. To get started visit eBay.com/s/phone.

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