EyeQue Launches AR Vision App ‘MyReaderNumber’

Myreadernumber vision app

EyeQue’s new AR-powered vision app, MyReaderNumber, lets people take vision tests for near-vision and mid-distance vision. It gives personalized results and is available for US$2.99.

MyReaderNumber Vision App

MyReaderNumber delivers personalized measurements for both near reading distance and mid-distance (computer use). It’s customized based on the user’s age, degree of presbyopia, and specific distance preference. The app determines the magnification needed for smartphone, reading, and/or computer use, generating results based on the individual’s needs and comfort. Using patent-pending, AR-based technology, the user simply captures two distances using their front-facing camera and sees the recommended results instantly. Users can then purchase over-the-counter reading glasses through local retailers, online stores, and can also share the NVAdd results with their doctors.

John Serri, PhD., co-founder and CEO of EyeQue:

Many people are unsure what readers will work best for them, and trying them out at the local drugstore is not only inconvenient and unsanitary, but is a setting that often results in an inaccurate choice. The MyReaderNumber app gives people accurate results based on science, use case, and personal comfort. This first-of-its-kind technology is delightfully easy to use and was developed using tried-and-tested optometry principles.

Presbyopia, which is a normal part of aging, begins around age 40 and typically worsens into age 60 and beyond. Presbyopia causes people to have difficulty seeing up close and they often find themselves having to hold a menu, phone, or a book at an arm’s distance to see properly. One may also notice the computer screen becoming more blurry and needing to enlarge the text to see more clearly. While frustrating for many, this relatively common condition can be corrected with simple magnifying lenses, i.e. over-the-counter readers. Left untreated, people may experience headaches, dizziness, or eye strain.

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