Facebook Takes on Apple Cash With New Split Payments in Messenger

split payments Facebook messenger

Next week, Facebook will start to test Split Payments in Messenger as a bid to compete with the likes of Venmo and Apple Cash.

Split Payments in Messenger

With this feature, in a group chat you can select Split Payments or go to the Payments Hub in Messenger settings. You’ll be asked to choose the amount that will be split evenly with all members of the group. You can also choose to change the amount for everyone, with or without yourself included.

Finally, you’ll have the option to enter a personalized message and the ability to turn on reminders, which will push a notification to specific members of the group if their payment has not been completed in 24 hours.

Facebook says that all payments will be processed through Facebook Pay and requires each person to have a linked U.S. debit card to send or receive money.

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Lee Dronick

I don’t trust Facebook or many of their users.