Facebook Transfer Tool Adds Photobucket, Google Calendar

Facebook data transfer tool

Facebook announced on Monday that it added two new services to its information transfer tool. This tool, called Transfer Your Information, was designed to let people migrate between services more easily.

Transfer Facebook Information

In 2018 companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Microsoft teamed up to create a Data Transfer Project. Pressure from governments forced the companies to build an open-source data portability platform to make it easy for users to migrate between platforms.

The update also includes:

  • Greater transparency around the status of each transfer, including making it easier to retry certain transfers
  • The ability to simultaneously start multiple data transfers for one destination
  • Filters that allow people to more precisely select the data they want to transfer

Facebook’s tool has added two new destinations for data: Photobucket and Google Calendar, and one new data type: Facebook Events.

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