Florida Digital Driver’s License Available for Citizens in November

florida digital driver's license example

The Florida digital driver’s license program started in 2014, and the state is preparing to launch the initiative mid-November 2021.

Florida Digital Driver’s License

In early October the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) approved and published ISO/IEC 18013-5 for mobile driver’s license (mDL) and mobile IDs (mID). It’s uncertain whether Florida or Apple supports this standard, but Florida’s government has been working closely with Apple to ensure IDs can be added to iPhone Wallet.

In an update before a Senate panel Tuesday, FLHSMV officials said the Florida Smart ID app is already live but not available to the public. In a video demonstration, Floridians will scan a QR from someone such as a police officer. Then, the user’s device sends the request for data to a server, which then bounces the identification data back to the user and the person requesting the data.

People requesting proof of age, like a store, receive less personal information than law enforcement would. The app is ready for law enforcement roadside stops, age checks and department customer notifications. Future planned uses include car rentals, voting, airport security, ride-sharing and more.

Florida state law currently requires people have a physical ID in addition to a digital ID.

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