Forget 120Hz ProMotion on Base iPhone 14, Leak Suggests

Gossip factory says Forget 120Hz ProMotion on Base iPhone 14

The rumor and leak engine has been in full effect surrounding the upcoming iPhone 14. We once thought Apple would equip all models of the new handset with a 120Hz ProMotion display. However, the latest leaks point to the iPhone maker restricting that technology to the Pro models.

Base Model iPhones May Not Get 120Hz ProMotion Love

Korean electronics blog The Elec has reported that Chinese display manufacturer BOE will supply 6.06-inch low-temperature polycrystalline silicon (LTPS) TFT OLED panels for the unannounced iPhone 14. Other suppliers include Samsung Display and LG Display.

The inclusion of LTPS panels means the handsets using those displays are unlikely to support 120Hz ProMotion technology. This is the same technology used on older iPhones, including the iPhone X, iPhone 11, and iPhone 12. It’s also used in the standard iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini. The common denominator with these handsets is that all of them have 60Hz refresh rates.

For all of its 120Hz ProMotion displays, Apple uses a different type of OLED panel. Because of its support for variable refresh rates, the Cupertino-based company uses low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LPTO) display panels. The variable refresh rate afforded by LPTO is crucial to battery life, since it allows the smartphone to reduce battery drain by lowering refresh rate for tasks like reading emails.

Possibly a Huge Gamble on Apple’s Part

According to Forbes contributor Gordon Kelly, this could be a huge gamble on Apple’s part. Kelly points out we are in “an era where high refresh rate displays are common even on mid-range smartphones”.

iPhone 13 unboxed
The price difference between base iPhone 14 models and the iPhone 14 Pro may widen.

Complicating the matter, those wanting the 120Hz ProMotion display on their iPhone 14 may face an even steeper price tag than before. Forbes suggests the iPhone 14 Pro could start at US$1,099, with the Pro Max retailing for at least $1,199. The lower-end models are projected to keep their same price points, $799 for the iPhone 14 and $899 for the 14 Max.

Currently, the iPhone 13 starts at $799 and the iPhone 13 Pro at $999. That means, for purchasers of the iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max, an additional $100 premium for the 120Hz ProMotion display and other upgraded capabilities.

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