The DIY Built-In Wireless Charger for Your End Table

It would be great if you could have the world’s best wireless charging station built right into your desk, and table, or nightstand. Thanks to the upcoming new Zens Liberty Built-in Wireless Charger, you can come close to that. It’s not a perfect solution, and it’s fairly pricey, but the new built-in wireless charger can turn almost any piece of furniture into a power source. It’s also quite possibly the sleekest option, at least until Apple revives its AirPower charging mat.

A Woodworker’s Dream Project

This isn’t the first Zens tabletop wireless charger, but the previous Liberty model was simply too beefy to even dream of installing it into furniture. This latest product is designed specifically for that (via The Verge), and it’s also produced such that you can just place your iPhone on the pad without much thought and know it will start charging.

Zens Liberty Built-in wireless charger

That’s because under the surface, Zens has laid out 16 charging coils in an overlapping pattern. No matter where you place your iPhone, AirPods Pro case, or any other Qi-compatible device, it will begin charging. The charging base even includes a 30W USB-C port for plugging in your device for a quick charge.

The Drawbacks of the New Zens Liberty Built-In Wireless Charger Design

Unfortunately, the Liberty Built-in Wireless Charger isn’t perfect. Perhaps because of the USB-C port, the wireless charging portion of the power station is a bit underpowered. The previous model could charge two devices at 15W each, but the tabletop edition maxes out at 10W per device.

It’s also an extremely pricey addition to your table. The plain white version is €249.99 (roughly $284), and the more elegant glass-top variant costs €279.99 (about $318). Plus, you need the woodworking skills to carve out the top of your table without destroying it.

That might be the cost of what seems like the best option for wireless charging in furniture, at least for now. Sure, other options exist, but none seem quite as elegant or effective as this promises to be. For those ready to incorporate this device into your furnishings, the Zens Liberty Built-in Wireless Charger begins shipping in March.

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