Goldman Sachs Predicts Apple Stock Could Drop by Nearly 35% This Year

Goldman Sachs predicted that Apple could lose more than half of its value of 2020 in a new note to clients (via 9to5Mac). In the note, seen by Business Insider, chief US equity strategist David Kostin said that Apple stock could fall to $192 a share during the year, a drop on 34.6%.

AAPL Set For a Fall, Says Goldman Sachs

Mr. Kostin suggested that Apple’s stock had risen to high. Just the other day it cleared the $300 a share point.  He also said that its earnings growth over the coming few years did not look particularly impressive. “In 2019, Info Tech returned 50%, the best of any sector, and accounted for 32% of the rise in the overall index. Only two other sectors, Financials (+32%) and Communication Services (+33%), outpaced the market,” wrote Mr. Kostin.  Goldman Sachs is, of course, Apple’s partner on Apple Card.

3 thoughts on “Goldman Sachs Predicts Apple Stock Could Drop by Nearly 35% This Year

  • All these people who claim to know what will happen with Apple stock (or any other stock) really know nothing. If this idiot has any faith in his prediction, he would keep his mouth shut and instead line up a massive short of AAPL stock. He works for Goldman Sachs, the most evil of all Wall Street banksters. He gets paid to drum up dumb-money trades by the chumps who are the main source of Wall Street’s profits.

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