Google Adds Support for WebAuthn on Apple Devices

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Google is adding security features for people who use Google accounts on Apple devices. With 13.3 and later, the WebAuthn standard from W3C is available. This gives customers more choices when it comes to physical security keys.

WebAuth on Apple Devices Update

The update lets customers use more kinds of security keys to secure their Google accounts.

  • USB-A and Bluetooth Titan Security Keys
  • Lightning and USB-C keys like the YubiKey 5Ci
The Yubico 5Ci security key for iPhones.
The Yubico 5Ci security key for iPhones.

These security keys are an option for two-factor authentication. In addition to one-time codes generated by an app like a password manager, a physical security means that someone has to plug the key into your device to access accounts that support this feature. Google also has a Smart Lock app to turn your iPhone into a security key.

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