IT analyst Kerem Albayrak tried to sell iCloud data, specifically the details of 319 million users. He filmed himself accessing certain accounts and tried to blackmail Apple for US$174,000 worth of Bitcoin and US$1,100 in iTunes gift cards (via Cult of Mac).

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Mr. Albayrak appeared in the Westminster magistrates’ court in London yesterday. He received charges of blackmail and two counts of unauthorized acts with intent to impair the operation of a computer. He hasn’t offered pleas yet, and was granted unconditional bail until a preliminary hearing on November 14.

Data Leak

The prosecutor said,

Mr Karem Albayrak is accused of sending emails to Apple making financial demands for downloading database iCloud accounts and factory resetting those iCloud accounts. He entered into the accounts of the alleged victims and posted a video of his hack onto YouTube.

It’s unknown where he got the iCloud data. Apple users can visit the Apple ID page to change their password and other information.

[Apple Apologizes for Chinese Apple ID Hacks]

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