Hackers Dump Cache of NSA Tools Putting Millions of Windows Users in Danger

Screenshot from cache dump tweet

Hacker group Shadow Brokers dumped a new cache of NSA tools on Friday, and some are calling it, “the worst thing since Snowden.” Shadow Brokers has released other NSA tools, including a cache of old Linux hacking tools last Sunday. But Motherboard reported that the Windows tools released in the newest cache are the hacking equivalent of a bomb.

FUZZBUNCH NSA Windows Tool Dump

The Windows tools are filled with zero day exploits, unknown software security holes where the vendor has had zero days to patch. The worst tool in the new cache is codenamed FUZZBUNCH.

Screenshot from FUZZBUNCH cache dump tweet
Screenshot from FUZZBUNCH cache dump tweet

This is a toolkit called “the closest thing to a cyber weapon since Stuxnet,” and it contains plug-and-play exploits. Worse, it’s easy to use, which means that virtually anyone can use it to hack into Windows computers.

Millions of Windows computers all over the world are vulnerable. The tools date to around 2013, so Windows 10 isn’t affected. But FUZZBUNCH can affect every other Windows version, including Windows server editions. Server editions NT, 2000, 2003, 2008 and 2012 are also affected. Consumer editions XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 are vulnerable too.

All of the tools can be repurposed into even more dangerous weapons, or used as-is. We can expect a big increase in Windows hacks over the next several weeks or more.

Better Mac

Writing for an Apple website means that I recommend people use macOS for laptops and desktops. But I won’t pretend that Apple’s systems are completely safe, and we’ve seen an increase in Mac malware—particularly trojans—over the past couple of years.

But this dump is scary, and it makes me happy that I’m a Mac user.

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Macs are way more secure then the “open” Windows and Google stuff. And people make me laugh when they say Macs are not yet the Windows community always seems to get hacked and companies are down for the count. There is malware out there but if you don’t click on the bait it is easily avoidable. So I always get the last laugh.


and it makes me happy that I’m a Mac user.


Every time I see you guys write that sentence I break down into helpless laughter!

You really don’t think there lots and lots of MacOS and iOS exploits out there? Cripes, these tools are nothing but script kiddie bullcrap, written to reduce the workload of programmers and given to people without the knowledge or wherewithal to even repair a simple kernal corruption.

Believe me, you have absolutely no reason to feel safe using an Apple deuce.


Most of holes were patched by MS in March (although they said nothing at the time).

Lee Dronick

Ruh ro!

🔎 The tools are said to have been created by the US National Security Agency (NSA), and accompanying documents appear to indicate a possible breach of the Swift global banking system.