iTunes Podcasts Now Called Apple Podcasts

Listen on Apple Podcasts

Apple changed the name of its podcast app from iTunes Podcasts to Apple Podcasts. The move includes branding within iTunes, in the Podcasts app, and the Listen on Apple Podcasts badge that replaces Listen on iTunes Podcasts.

Listen on Apple Podcasts badge
Listen on Apple Podcasts

Out with the iTunes, in with the Apple

The switch to Apple Podcasts is part of a broader move from “i” and “iTunes” towards “Apple” in many areas. Apple Watch and Apple Music are two of the biggest instances of this branding change. And it makes sense to align the company’s podcasting platform with Apple Music, rather than iTunes.

2 thoughts on “iTunes Podcasts Now Called Apple Podcasts

  • Mac users have wanted something to replace iTunes for a long time. By starting to re-brand without the iTunes name, this could be a small step in that direction.
    I think we’ve forgotten how out-of-line the name has become. How do you rent/buy a movie on your mac from Apple? Use iTunes. The same goes for syncing / managing your iPhone.
    iTunes was a reasonably descriptive moniker when all we had was a 5gb iPod. We’ve come a long way since then, but Apple hasn’t shifted away from the name.
    Getting more distance from the name may allow them to release something new – like the Apple Media Center. Or maybe they will go big- The Apple app. (The possibilities are endless with that name.)

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