Apple Celebrates the Joys of Water Balloons in New Commercial

Screenshot from Apple Turkey commercial

Apple launched three commercials in the company’s Shot on iPhone series. All three spots were released for the Turkish market on the Apple Turkey YouTube channel. They were shot by 11 year old children on iPhones, and were released to celebrate National Sovereignty and Children’s Day in Turkey.


All three are terrific, but my favorite is this one, titled Balon (Balloon in Turkish):

That’s good stuff, and it was shot by Beliz E.


Next up is Köpek (Turkish for Dog), it’s also very clever, and hat’s off to 11-year old Eren P. for making it.


The third spot is called Tavşan (Rabbit). It’s a slow motion closeup of a long-haired rabbit’s fur also shot by Beliz E.

These spots do a great job of making great videos feel attainable, especially the first two. They’re fun, captivating, and entertaining.

[Via 9to5Mac]

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