Happy 2017 from The Mac Observer!

Happy New Year from the team at The Mac Observer

With 2016 behind us and CES is only a couple days away, The Mac Observer is taking off Monday while we catch our breath before jumping neck deep into 2017. We’ll be back with our regular daily new coverage, analysis, and podcasts on Tuesday, January 3rd. We’ll also be on location at CES 2017 to bring you the latest on this year’s tech. Rest up, and get ready for another exciting year!

Happy New Year from the team at The Mac Observer
Happy New Year from TMO

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  • When I updated OSK to Sierra, all my Mail inboxes disappeared and Apple help was not able to retrieve them from Time Machine.

    On last IOS update 10 iPhone mail has lost the “trash all” link and there is no substitute except click each message and then “trash”. I had 546 junk emails yesterday and it took over 20 minutes to trash them. Is there any hope?

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