Tip: Fix The Vincedes3 iMessage-Crashing Bug With One Tap

sending a vcard

A new bug has been found that can disable Apple’s Messages app on the iPhone. All it takes is one text message, but luckily there’s a solution.

vCard Flaw

The bug isn’t actually harmful, and it seems more like a prank. It works by using a malicious vCard file, which is what you get when exporting contacts from your address book.

sending a vcard
Sending a vCard

The file has thousands of lines of code, while a regular vCard has a couple hundred. Messages can’t process it all, and it freezes the app, showing you a blank screen. Restarting the app, or even rebooting your iPhone doesn’t fix it because Messages always opens the most recent text when it’s loaded (via The Telegraph).

iMessage Crash Fix

Luckily, there’s an easy solution, and it was created by the same person—vincedes3—who discovered the bug and released the file. Just tap this link on the affected device*. Seriously, that’s it.

I’ve tested both the hack and the fix with the help of a friend. Both worked.

*It resolves to a gibberish URL on a Mac.

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