Hollywood Execs Unhappy at Apple’s Interfering

Tim Cook angry about Donal Trump import tariffs

People in Hollywood are reportedly unhappy with Apple’s approach to developing original content. They criticized Apple executives, including CEO Tim Cook, for being “intrusive”.

Tim Cook angry about Donal Trump import tariffs
Tim Cook has been seen on set

Tim Cook “Giving Notes”

One producer complained to the New York Post that “Tim Cook is giving notes and getting involved.” (Apparently, one of Mr. Cook’s most repeated notes is “don’t be so mean!”) An agent also said that Mr. Cook was “giving feedback” and “very involved.” The Apple CEO appeared on set for the show ‘See’, as well as another starring Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston.

Apple is expected to launch its challenger to Netflix at an event on March 25th. However, a source said that they thought “people are a little bit irritated because they keep moving the service launch.”

Meanwhile a producer complained that “there is a lack of clarity on what [Apple] want.” They said that the company is “making big changes, firing and hiring new writers” and that “a lot of the product is not as good as they hoped it to be.”

Apple May Need to Give up Some Control

There was always a risk that Apple, a company famous/notorious for its perfectionist approach to its products, was going to clash with similarly strong-willed media executives. We do not yet know how widespread this issue really is – it could just be a couple of disgruntled showrunnners and movie-makers. However, it is a warning sign that if Apple wants to make a real go of original content, it may have to cede some control.

4 thoughts on “Hollywood Execs Unhappy at Apple’s Interfering

  • I’m hopeful that the news of Apple introducing a credit card will take off, merging well with Apple Pay. With that success, maybe Ebenezer Cook will become head of Apple Finance and whatever banking aspirations Apple has, allowing him to really shine. And with that, please remove him from any other responsibilities in Apple, Inc. i.e. technology or dealing with the public in general. He has proven to be unable to inspire “Blow you away” advances from his associates/employees and has milked the iPhone turnip to the nth degree.

    With the Apple TV “hobby” and Eddy Cue, Ebenezer’s going into Hollywood expecting miracles in a town that hasn’t given up the story of iTunes destroying the record industry. This has disaster written all over it. Cable has realized that “coaxial is dead, long live wireless” (and he takes Apple out of the router business) . The big players in video entertainment are all offering internet streaming services and multiple packages. Apple is still screwing around with the delivery device – an area they used to be good at – and is going on to attempt to play with the titans of video entertainment with all original programming, which they know nothing about.

    I would ask Ebenezer to consider partnering with/buying the Hallmark Channel if he’s so concerned about “don’t be so mean!” There is a large market for Hallmark style programming.

    Lastly, I have to ask: How much time are you spending in Cupertino as you’re visiting Hollywood, Washington, and accepting nebulous awards at universities Ebenezer? Who’s minding the store while you’re away? What do Phil and Jony do all day long? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • Someone needs to do a parody of what a TV series in a stereotypical Apple style would be. Everything minimalist and clean with people in black, long-sleeved T-shirts, etc.

  • However, it is a warning sign that if Apple wants to make a real go of original content, it may have to cede some control

    Oh swell, more crap programming from Hollywood.

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