Cloudflare, Chrome, and Firefox Launch HTTP/3

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HTTP/3 launches today, and it’s an evolution of Google’s QUIC protocol. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox support it, as well as Cloudflare’s edge network.


Okay, so that’s a lot of acronyms and it’s just the beginning of the article. HTTP of course is Hypertext Transfer Protocol and it’s the technology that enables URLs. Hyperlinks and URLs are technically different, but a hyperlink control can go directly to the target URL.

QUIC was created by Jim Roskind at Google as a transport layer network protocol, like UDP and TCP. In fact, QUIC stands for Quick UDP Internet Connections. HTTP/3 used to be called HTTP over QUIC.

So why does this matter to you?┬áBasically, HTTP/3 enables faster, more reliable, more secure connections for the web. Cloudflare’s blog post has a history of the evolution of HTTP, and I recommend it to the curious.

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