Imagination CEO Reflects on Renewed Relationship With Apple

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In a careful interview with The Telegraph, the CEO of Imagination Technologies provided some insight into the firm’s renewed relationship with Apple. Ron Black hinted that his arrival at the chip-maker may have helped ease tensions with Apple, noting “the change in leadership” at the UK firm.

imagination technologies hq
Image via the University of Southampton

Imagination and Apple Overcome Relationship Trouble

Apple was, for many years, Imagination’s primary customer for its graphics chips. However, that arrangement ended abruptly in 2017. The relationship turned sour.  “Both parties probably didn’t do something correct,” Mr. Black conceded in the interview. The UK firm ultimately ended up being bought by the Chinese investment fund Canyon Bridge.

The firms are now working together again. They announced a renewed licensing agreement earlier this month. However, Mr. Black said he does not “think it’s necessary to be public,” about the details of that deal. It is clear that the Imagination CEO believes his style can help overcome any future hurdles in the relationship. He said that those involved in a public fall out “shouldn’t be so emotional about it” and that “you just talk to people” to resolve it.

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