FCC Unlocks 3.5GHz Spectrum ‘OnGo’ Band that iPhones 11 Can Use

After six years of collaboration the FCC has unlocked 3.5GHz spectrum, called the ‘OnGo’ band, for consumers (via VentureBeat).


3.5GHz spectrum is used by the U.S. Department of Defense for naval purposes alongside the coast. It will still be able to use the spectrum but now it can also be used by the public. If the DoD does need access in a specific coastal area a “protection zone” will be activated and public users will be automatically routed to other frequencies.

It will enhance usage of 4G connectivity but also 5G once further rollout becomes available. 3.5GHz is “mid-band” with decent long-distance range.

As additional devices are OnGo-certified, the CBRS Alliance expects that the band will also be used outside of the smartphone market, assisting rural broadband, enterprise IT, hospitality, retail, real estate, industrial IoT, and transportation initiatives.

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