Instagram Increases its Fight Against Fake News

Instagram fact check

Instagram announced Monday that it was increasing its efforts to fight fake news. It said it will take its fact-checking program global.

Instagram fact check

Instagram Fact-Checking Goes Global

In May, the Facebook-owned photo-sharing app teamed up with third-party fact-checkers. However, this only applied in the U.S. Instagram will now work with fact-checking organizations around the world to try and deal with fake news.

In a blog, the company explained:

To determine which content should be sent to fact-checkers for review, we use a combination of feedback from our community and technology. Earlier this year, we added a “False Information” feedback option, and these reports, along with other signals, help us to better identify and take action on potentially false information.

When third-party fact-checkers rate content rated false or partly Instagram limits its distribution. It also labels it. Those labels are now going to appear to users around the world.

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