Deezer Expands Ability to Ban Songs You Don’t Like

Deezer expanded its ban feature on Monday. If user doesn’t like a song in a ‘Flow’ mix, they can simply press the unhappy emoji which takes them to the new exclude menu containing a number of options.

Make Your Deezer Mixes Reflect Your Taste

Within the exclude menu users can:

  • Prevent Deezer recommending a song or artist again
  • Change their mixes mood
  • Update their excluded options

Furthermore, users on Android can skip a track, if they have skips left. Deezer said it expanded the feature to make sure users’ Flow mixes better reflect their musical tastes. It is available to both paying customers and those with free accounts. It does not alter any curated content.

Stefan Tweraser, Deezer’s Chief Product and Growth Officer, said:

Our Flow and mixes are a big part of what makes Deezer stand out. With these recommendations, we’re creating a rich experience that’s also spot on for each listener. Also, we really are listening to what our users like and don’t like, to constantly tailor Flow and mixes to their individual tastes and preferences. So we’re giving our fans even more power to control their music. In the end, it’s about them and they know what they like.

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