iOS 11 Safari Will Remove Google AMP Data When Sharing

In iOS 11 beta 7, MacStories editor-in-chief Frederico Viticci discovered that Safari automatically strips out Google AMP data when you share an article of that type. Along with macOS High Sierra Safari, this shows Apple is prepared to exert more control over its customers’ web experience.

Bye, Bye AMP

Google AMP is ostensibly an effort to speed up Internet load times and optimize content for mobile. It does so, however, by caching and serving articles from Google’s servers, rather than the site’s publisher.

News publishers hate Google AMP because it keeps people away from the publisher’s website, which includes potential monetization options like newsletter signups and subscription services.

When sharing a link to an AMP page, iOS 11 will share the original URL, instead of the AMP URL. I look forward to seeing this in action when iOS 11 is released this fall.

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