iOS 13 Beta Reveals Potential Wired Data Transfer

A new iOS 13 beta release revealed what could be the option to transfer data between devices via a cable. The new asset appeared in the Setapp app (via 9to5Mac).

New Assets Added to iOS 13

iOS beta 3 contained an asset not seen in previous beta releases of the forthcoming operating system. It showed two iPhones connected by a cable. It indicated that there will be an option to transfer data to a new or reset device using a wired connection. Currently, users can transfer data using iCloud or wirelessly via a nearby iPhone. That said, Apple does not currently produce a Lightning to Lighting cable. Of course, that could change if it rolls out this functionality in the full release. The new asset reportedly did not appear when a device running iOS 13 beta 3  was reset, suggesting it is still being developed by Apple.

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