Coming Soon to iOS: Petey Apple Watch ChatGPT App

Coming Soon to iOS Petey Apple Watch GPT App

Quite a few apps have recently emerged to take advantage of OpenAI’s ChatGPT service. One of the most popular is Petey, a ChatGPT app for Apple Watch. Soon, Petey will bring the same ChatGPT experience Apple Watch owners enjoy to iOS.

Petey, the ChatGPT App for Your Apple Watch

New ways of using ChatGPT’s AI experience emerge almost daily. One popular option is Petey, an Apple Watch app formerly named watchGPT. Apple clamped down on using GPT in app names, so the developer renamed it to Petey.

Petey quickly shot to the top of the App Store charts for paid apps, but it’s been one of those rare titles available only on your wrist.

Petey watchGPT app

Petey allows you to ask questions of the ChatGPT service, either by typing them or dictating. It quickly formulates its answer, which scrolls on your Apple Watch and also speaks through the wearable’s speaker.

Customers have been clamoring for the GPT4-enabled app to come to the iPhone, and now it seems it’s on the way.

Developer Announces Petey ChatGPT Coming Soon to iOS

On March 27, developer Hidde van Der Ploeg made an announcement that almost broke the internet. On Twitter, the developer behind Petey acknowledged that a version of the ChatGPT app for iPhone is in development.

Calling it the “most requested ‘feature’ by far,” van Der Ploeg wrote that he’d been thinking for some time about bringing Petey to iOS. The app is on the way, and is already in beta testing.

The Petey app for Apple Watch is a paid offering, and so will the iOS version. Van Der Ploeg says the app “will be available for the same price as it currently is.” This will include the iOS app along with new features for watchOS.

Among those features will be Shortcut/Siri integration as well as copy and paste availability. On iOS, you’ll need a subscription, too, for ChatGPT access.

The reason for this pricing structure is that the usage on iOS is expected to be more frequent and involve longer interactions than on watchOS, which could significantly impact my costs.

As mentioned, it sounds like you’ll be able to avoid the subscription by using your own OpenAI API key. However, van der Ploeg says he Cann’t guarantee GPT-4 access for API keys other than his own.

How You Can Sign Up for the Petey for iOS Beta

While the app isn’t available yet for iPhone, the app will soon begin beta testing. Interested iPhone owners can sign up for beta access through Petey’s official website.

Just scroll to the bottom of the page, enter your email address in the field beneath “Stay in the Know,” and click Subscribe. Watch for a confirmation email and follow its instructions.

We will, of course, update all of you when the iOS app becomes available.

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