Anki Unveils Vector Home Robot with AI Learning

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Anki’s Cozmo is a fun fist-size robot for education and play, and now the company is taking its compact robots to the next level with Vector. Unlike Cozmo, Vector doesn’t need your smartphone to supplement its brain, and it uses artificial intelligence to learn. It’s also designed to be more of an assistant and can learn names and faces, as well as link to the internet to find answers to your questions. The idea is to make Vector your companion instead of just a robot toy. There’s a Kickstarter so you can get a Vector for US$199.99 on October 9th, and it’ll be available to the general public for $249.99 on October 12th.

EARTH is the Coolest Desktop Globe on the Planet with an AR iPhone App

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Earth globes without geopolitical markings have a special place in my heart, and AstroReality is adding an extra level of coolness to that with its EARTH: An immersive AR/AI experience & model of our planet. The hand painted globe is beautiful all on its own but kicks it up a notch with a companion iPhone and Android AR app that shows you details about our planet, animates weather patterns, explores animal migrations, and more. It’s a Kickstarter project that’s already hit its funding goal. Once the campaign reaches US$120,000 they’ll add in a scale-size moon called LUNAR Mini. A single EARTH model costs $199 and AstroReality expects to start shipping in November.

Twitter Insanity, Apple's AI Showdown, FBI Exaggeration, Apple's HQ Hunt - ACM 463

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Twitter has lost its corporate mind, Bryan Chaffin and Jeff Gamet argue in this episode of ACM. They also weigh the importance of WWDC 2018 in terms of Siri, and discuss whether or not Apple has to announce significant improvements to remain competitive in AI. Then there’s the revelation that the FBI exaggerated the number of locked iPhones it couldn’t get into, and they squeeze in a fourth topic, too: Apple’s hunt for a new campus, and how it contrasts with Amazon.