Apple’s Generative AI: An In-House Rival to OpenAI’s ChatGPT

  • Apple is actively developing its own generative artificial intelligence chatbot, tentatively termed “Apple GPT.”
  • The testing and usage of Apple’s AI chatbot is currently narrowly focused and tightly controlled.
  • The company doesn’t plan to release Apple GPT to the public, but it is preparing for significant advancements in generative AI, potentially impacting its product offering and economic strategy, with insiders expecting a major AI-related disclosure next year.
Apple's Generative AI An In-House Rival to OpenAI ChatGPT

Microsoft continues to cater to the business sector with its AI offerings. Meanwhile, reports suggest Apple is formulating a unique approach to generative artificial intelligence. Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman reveals insider information on what seems to be a significant endeavor by Apple to create a technology that rivals OpenAI’s renowned ChatGPT AI.

Apple’s In-House AI ChatGPT Efforts Extend Earlier Work With Siri, Machine Learning and More

From Gurman’s accounts, it appears the Cupertino-based tech giant is rigorously testing a newly developed AI chatbot internally. This tool, intriguingly termed “Apple GPT” by some, utilizes a blueprint referred to as “Ajax”. Initiated in 2022, Ajax is a project that sets the foundation for diverse machine-learning endeavors within Apple.

Gurman points out that the early outcomes of this initiative are already in motion, enhancing Apple’s generative AI capabilities. The company has successfully incorporated AI-centric enhancements to its search engine, Siri, and map services using this system. Now, the Ajax framework serves as the cornerstone in the creation of comprehensive language models and underpins the development of the in-house ChatGPT-style apparatus.

Narrowly Focused, Highly Restricted Access

However, the scope of the testing within Apple appears to be narrowly focused at present, with Gurman noting that Apple exercises strict control over its usage. It’s worth mentioning that the system can only be accessed with special approval.

Further restrictions include not using its output to develop customer-facing features. Despite these constraints, Apple staff leverages it to aid product prototyping, summarizing text, and responding to queries based on its training data.

Apple’s AI ChatGPT Bot May Not Be Coming to an iPhone Near You

Gurman underscores that the company doesn’t plan to launch Apple GPT to the general public. Instead, it appears that this generative AI instrument is Apple’s response to privacy issues associated with employees using generative AI governed by external entities.

Presently, Apple is laying the foundation for a future announcement regarding its advancements in generative AI. They are currently focusing on related projects including a collaborative endeavor spanning its AI and software engineering teams.

This is happening alongside the cloud services engineering team tasked with providing the necessary infrastructure for any substantial new features. Though there is no definitive roadmap yet, insiders believe that Apple is preparing for a significant AI-related disclosure next year.

Additional insights from Gurman’s report suggest that Apple contemplated “entering a more expansive agreement with OpenAI” following a “corporate evaluation” of its technology. Apple is also actively seeking to add experts in the generative AI sphere to its team.

Apple Certainly Aware of AI’s Economic Impact

The advancements in AI technology aren’t just about product improvements; they’re also influencing the economy. From potentially creating new markets (like AI-based subscription services) to disrupting job markets (with automation or the need for specialized skills), the economic implications are far-reaching and worth exploring.

Apple’s progress in AI, and how it chooses to monetize it, can serve as a case study in this broader economic context. Cupertino’s voracious desire for subscription revenue is seemingly insatiable. It’s intriguing to think about the innovative ideas the tech giant might be brewing to convert generative AI into a profitable venture.

Can we see a Siri iteration enhanced with superior generative AI, so compelling that users would willingly subscribe monthly? If it’s logically sound, it could be a lucrative opportunity.

2 thoughts on “Apple’s Generative AI: An In-House Rival to OpenAI’s ChatGPT

  • How can it rival anything if it’s not released to the public?? That’s like saying Apple’s Titan Car rivals Tesla – but oops, it still doesn’t exist. Maybe Apple’s AI can finger out how to make an EV Car – or heck even an EV bicycle ANYTHING, but oh well, it’s been years – we can take a hint. 🎬

    1. Internally, it rivals ChatGPT, from what we’re told. Some Apple employees are being encouraged to use it rather than ChatGPT and are happy to do so because it performs better.

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