iPhone 13: Portrait Mode For Video and Other Camera Enhancements on Way

Closeup of the iPhone 12 Pro camera.

The iPhone 13 will come with Portrait mode for video and the ability to record in a higher-quality format than the current offering named ProRes. There will also be new filters to alter the look and color of pictures. Furthermore, the device will contain an A15 chip, Bloomberg News reported.

Camera Upgrade Likely to Grab iPhone 13 Headlines

The ProRes format will be able to record video in either HD or 4K. Like the ProRAW photo format launched last year, it will give editors more control. It may be a feature that is only available on the higher-end models – four models are expected to be unveiled in total.

The expected new filters will let users adjust the colors and highlights in their photos. There will be a few different ones available. One will allow users to make the colors either warmer or cooler but keep the whites neutral.  A second will offer deeper shadows and more contrast. In a similar vein, Apple is reportedly working on a way to show shadows in a more balanced fashion and making colors more realistic and brighter.

Those headline upgrades will no doubt capture attention, but the changes we know about thus far, apart from the camera, do not take the iPhone 13 substantially beyond last year’s models. It is also now likely the device will be launched via an online event as opposed to in-person.

One thought on “iPhone 13: Portrait Mode For Video and Other Camera Enhancements on Way

  • Have the iPhone designers learned that it is easier to hold it one handed in portrait mode? That the user should be able to rotate the camera 90° while holding the camera vertical?

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