iPhone 13 Pro Max Charges at Up to 27W

iPhone 13 Pro Max Charges at Up to 27W

Apple has yet to advertise this, but a video recently posted shows the iPhone 13 Pro Max is capable of charging faster than any previous devices. ChargerLAB, a group of testers who tear down and test anything related to power for electronics, demonstrates the iPhone 13 Pro Max can charge at up to 27W when connected to 30W or higher USB-C power adapters.

Charging Considerably Faster Than the iPhone 12 Pro Max

Testing of the previous model of Appleā€™s highest-end iPhone showed the device capable of charging at around 20W to 22W with a 30W USB-C power adapter. On the other hand, the just-released model topped out at charging speeds as high as 27W with the same adapter. ChargerLAB measured the wattage using various 30W USB-C chargers, and all yielded similar results. In the video below, fast forward to the 3:33 mark to see the results with Apple’s 30W charger and others.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max likely cannot sustain that peak charging speed for an entire charging cycle, of course. Overheating considerations mean the device does have to slow down to the slower speeds for the majority of its charging cycle. Even so, hitting the 27W mark even for short bursts could allow the iPhone 13 Pro Max to charge slightly faster than the previous model.

No Results Yet For the iPhone 13 Pro

ChargerLAB has not yet tested other models, such as the iPhone 13 Pro. So, we don’t know if that model is also capable of charging up to 27W speeds. MacRumors, who first posted the story, has reached out to the ChargerLAB. Maybe the iPhone 13 Pro is next on the testing bench.

New iPhones no longer include a charging brick. However, Cupertino does offer a 30W USB-C power adapter for those who want to take advantage of this ultra fast charging speed.

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