Jon. Stewart. Is. Back.

The Problem With Jon Stewart Apple TV+ key art

We haven’t seen him properly for a while, but on Thursday Jon Stewart made his return on Apple TV+. The first episode of the accompanying podcast is was also released.

First Episode of ’The Problem With Jon Stewart’ Now Available

The first episode of The Problem With Jon Stewart is available to watch on Apple TV+. It deals with the issue of veteran care, a topic this host has been a high profile campaigner on. In the podcast episode, two staff members who are veterans join Mr. Stewart to further debate the topic.

New episodes are being released every fortnight – the next one comes out on October 14. It tackles the topic of ‘freedom’.

The Problem With Jon Stewart is available to all Apple TV+ subscribers. It costs US$4.99 per month, and is included in Apple One bundles. The podcast is free and available in all the usual places.

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