[U] iPhone 14 Pro Camera Shakes and Rattles When Using Third Party Apps Such as TikTok, Snapchat and Others

iphone 14 pro camera shakes

Some users recently reported their iPhone 14 Pro camera experiencing issues when using it with third-party apps. Said consumers say that the camera shakes, rattles and sometimes even makes noise when using it on non-Apple apps.

Update: Bloomberg reports Apple has identified a fix for the issue. An iOS 16 update next week should resolve the issue, according to Apple.

iPhone 14 Pro Camera Shakes and Rattles

First spotted by 9to5 Mac on Reddit, one iPhone user complained that the camera shook uncontrollably when using it with Instagram and Snapchat. However, the user reported the camera working just fine using Apple’s built-in camera app. Another user reported experiencing the same thing when using the camera app for Snapchat.

On YouTube, a user shared a video showing how the iPhone 14 Pro’s camera shook when using it for Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok. The physical camera itself made a grinding or rattling noise while in use.

Camera Bug Happens on Social Media Apps

It appears that the camera shaking or rattling when using it for third-party social media apps happens only to iPhone 14 Pro family. This means that Apple could immediately fix it via a software update. It could also mean that the third-party developers may have not prepared their apps yet with the iPhone 14 Pro’s camera, specifically optical image stabilization, just yet. Take note that Apple made a big leap with the iPhone 14 Pro’s camera system this year. So, third-party app developers may not have anticipated major changes that could have caused the current issue.

As of this writing, there’s no known fix for the issue. Either the third-party developers do something about it, or Apple issues a software update to fix the bug. Likewise, it is not yet known how many iPhone 14 Pro owners have experienced the issue when using the camera for third-party social media apps.

Did you get the iPhone 14 Pro and experience a similar issue with your device’s camera? Let us know in the comments.

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