Alleged iPhone 16 Molds Show Slimmer MagSafe Charging Ring

Alleged iPhone 16 Molds Show Slimmer MagSafe Charging Ring

The rumors swirling around the iPhone 16 series just keep on coming, claiming changes in screen size to new color options. And if that wasn’t enough, according to molds obtained by a French website ShopSystem, there are noticeable changes to the MagSafe charging ring across all four iPhone 16 models.

If the iPhone 16 molds, as claimed by the French website, prove authentic and genuine, it’s a clear indication that Apple seems to have quietly slimmed down the device’s MagSafe charging ring for all the upcoming iPhones. The report notes that this reduction in the thickness of the ring might have something to do with improving wireless charging.

Some may wonder whether this change could affect the compatibility, but it’s unlikely (in most cases). The new iPhone models are likely to work just fine with existing MagSafe and Qi chargers, so users won’t need to worry about accessory makers making significant changes.

In addition to the changes in the MagSafe charging ring in the iPhone 16 series, the molds also corroborate previous rumors that base variants of the upcoming line, i.e., iPhone 16 and Plus may feature a vertical camera bump instead of cameras placed diagonally, as we see on iPhone 13 or above. 

In addition, although we can’t figure out exact dimensions based on the image of iPhone 16 molds, it appears that the iPhone 16 Pro is slightly taller than the regular iPhone 16, as is the case with the iPhone 16 Pro Max compared to the iPhone 16 Plus. Interestingly, earlier rumors suggest that the iPhone 16 Pro models will feature larger screens, as compared to the current iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max.


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