Apple Wants Your iPhone to be Your Car Key

iPhone with car key for Digital Key 2.0 specification

The Car Connectivity Consortium just announced a new digital key specification, Digital Key 2.0, that can be used to lock and unlock cars, as well as turn cars on and off, from smartphones. Apple is a CCC member, so it’s a safe bet we’ll see this technology at some point in iPhones.

iPhone with car key for Digital Key 2.0 specification
Your iPhone could soon be your car key, too

The specification uses NFC to link to a car. Car owners can permanently or temporarily share access to other smartphone owners, which sounds like a perfect fit for car rental companies.

Other companies in the consortium include ALPS ELECTRIC, Audi, BMW, Continental Automotive GmbH, DENSO, Gemalto, General Motors, HYUNDAI, LG Electronics, NXP, Panasonic, Samsung, Qualcomm, and Volkswagen.

The Digital Key 2.0 specification is expected to be complete in the first quarter of 2019. Since it relies on NFC, it’s possible that Apple could incorporate it into existing iPhones with a software update.

2 thoughts on “Apple Wants Your iPhone to be Your Car Key

  • Jeff:

    I must be missing something here. I already start my car, unlock it, arm it with my iPhone from anywhere in the world (once had to unlock it for my son in the US whilst my wife and I were in Scotland), using an app called UConnect. I use it all the time to insure that I’ve locked the car when I’m on the road, or on the far side of the planet. Been doing this for years.

    Perhaps this is in reference to a generic app that will apply to…more manufacturers?

    In any case, it’s a great capacity.

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