Guide: iPhone Gamers Can Enjoy Two More Netflix Games

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Two additional Netflix games are rolling out for iPhone and Android gamers. One is called Arcanium: Rise of Akhan and the other is Krispee Street.

Two Additions for Netflix

Netflix’s gaming service launched late last year to compete with other services such as Apple Arcade. Like Arcade, the offerings from Netflix are more “casual” games for players. The company recently tweeted about them:

The first game is called Arcanium: Rise of Akhan and it’s an open-world strategy card game for single players. Developed by Rogue Games, the goal is to create a team of heroes and defeat a boss called Akhan the Calamity to save the world of Arzu.

The second game is Krispee Street and was developed by Frosty Pop. In this puzzle game, players need to find characters and objects throughout each level, and there are hundreds. It’s based on a web comic called Krispee.

This brings the total of number to 12, and they include Stranger Things 3, Stranger Things 1984, Dominos Cafe, Card Blast, Bowling Ballers, Wonderputt Forever, Knittens, Shooting Hoops, Asphalt Xtreme, and Teeter Up.

How to Find Netflix Games on iPhone

To find these games you’ll have to scroll down on your homepage until you see the Games section. The company says games don’t appear in Kids profiles.

  1. Open the Netflix app and scroll to find the Games row.
  2. Tap on the game.
  3. Tap Get Game. The App Store will open.
  4. Select Get or tap the Cloud icon.
  5. The game will download and install to your device. When complete, choose Open.
  6. After a game is installed, you can find it under the Netflix Games row in the Netflix app. It may also be on your device’s home screen. 
  7. Enter your Netflix email address and password.
  8. Select Log In.

Netflix plans to add more games over time.

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